A Question of Deen and Dunya: How to Follow Religion Today?

Most of us struggle to make time for our religious obligations in the midst of our wordly lives. Today, the majority of Muslims look for an answer to this pivotal question, how to strike a balance between practicing Deen and living in the Dunya? This is a query not just related to contemporary times. It arose in the early stages of Islam as well.  A Companion of the Prophet, Hanzala (RA) feared that he had become a hypocrite because, during his day-to-day activities pertaining to his family or his business, thoughts of Allah would slip from his mind. He shared this concern with Abu Bakr (RA) who admitted to feeling the same. So they both went to the Prophet (PBUH) and Hanzala (RA) inquired: "Allah's Messenger, when we are in your company, we are reminded of Hell-Fire and Paradise as if we are seeing them with our own eyes, but whenever we go away from you and attend to our wives, children and business, much of these things go out of our minds.” To read what the Prophet PBUH responded with, read our new article by Muhammad Saddam on balancing practicing religion with dunya.

Heading on the Straight Path

This world is a test for us. As Allah Almighty says in the Quran, “He who created death and life to test you as to which of you is best in deed...” (Surah Mulk, 67:2).  Tests are not easy; they are challenging and require preparation. There are many obstacles that hinder our progress towards paradise. Satan is our biggest enemy; his whole mission is to prevent us from going to heaven.

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